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Our Mission
VIN Garage is a boutique wine & spirit distribution company located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It's objective is to be sales and promotion driven, focusing on strong customer service. We're also very "value" oriented; sourcing wines that give the customer "a lot of juice for the buck." Our portfolio is small, but growing, and we'll never be a company that picks up labels just for the sake of keeping them from another distributor.

Staying small will keep our eye on the prize - customer service. We source out our delivery to a professional logistics company. This means no need to keep vehicles or staff on call or on the payroll, thus keeping our costs down, and passing those savings on to the retailer or restaurant.

Allow us to show you that VIN garage stands for value without compromising quality and that when we say, customer service, we mean that too.

boo frith

Boo Frith, President
VIN garage
boutique distributor of fine wines & spirits
NM Lic. #7159